2 thoughts on “Mission and Policies

  1. Mr. John F. McGillian

    I think it would be helpful to create a chart that gives taxpayers an idea of what the increased costs per household would be.
    If ones taxes are 5000 to 50000 what is the percentage impact😊?
    I could not understand the chart.
    Also what is the impact on the ferry district revenues?Will they have to raise our fees because of lost business?
    How do the resists and property owners in this district feel about a new waste facility in their midst?Theres been new investment in the community center area.Will that come to a standstill?
    Isn’t there a better place to do this upgrade?
    Have you sent out a mass email to explain to summer and winter residents what to expect?The Website is not user friendly.
    I don’t think the awareness level is high enough for the majority of homeowners.
    I recommend mod communication to stem the negative reaction of those on the island.

  2. Richard Miller

    I can’t find a concise statement of what is supposed to be segregated for recycling. ??


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