Organics Update

As we wrap up our eight-month of accepting household organic waste, we would love to thank all those that have joined our program. You have made it the success that it is.

Here is the monthly breakdown: (in pounds)
January – 588
February – 599
March – 394 (only partial due to shut down from Covid-19)
April – (Closed all month for Covid-19)
May – 356 (partial month due to re-opening)
June – 501
July – 1062
August – 607
Total – 4107
The Pequot Inn has been doing its share to divert organics from their kitchen:
June – 223
July – 256
August – 245
Total – 724

It’s amazing that we have collected almost 2-1/2 tons of organic scraps that have been diverted from our household trash and all from a small number of volunteers in our program. It is our hope that this program will continue to grow with more households and businesses joining in.

Again, thanks to all our volunteers.

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