Compost Station

The District has received inquiries as to when the Compost Station will be opening. The District is currently taking this under consideration.
Presently, our focus is providing the essential removal of home waste and recycling. Our priority has been to ensure ample backup capacity for household dumpsters. We are being overly through the anticipated peak, which should be in the next two to three weeks. However, this is not the only consideration for whether the Compost Station will open.
Currently, as many are aware, the Transfer Station has a policy of one visitor using the different dumpsters at a time. This allows for a steady traffic flow and appropriate social distancing. The Compost Station is a larger facility which is not as easy to control the flow. While we understand the desire for disposing waste at this facility, we must consider the health of our employees and the public.
The District will monitor the situation and attempt to open the Compost Station when events allow.
Please monitor Fishnet and the District’s website for updates.
Thank you and stay safe.

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