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Reopening Compost Station

Dear Fellow Fishers Islanders,

The Commissioners and Staff of Fishers Island Waste Management sincerely apologize for the inconvenience closing the compost station has caused all of us during the initial phases of the COVID 19 crisis.  We understand a lot of yard work is being accomplished and that the burning of brush at home has been banned until at least May 14th by the NYS DEC.  The safety of our staff and users that has been the driving force behind all our decisions these past few months and continues to be paramount. With the help of our patrons, we now believe we can have both stations open on a limited basis while still complying with all State, Local and IHP protocols.  The transfer station hours will be reduced to three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and the compost station will re-open Tuesday and Thursday – initially by appointment only.  Operationally, the transfer station protocols will remain as they have been these past few weeks with the only additional request being all patrons wear face coverings while at the facility.   Protocols for the compost facility are detailed below.

Monday, April 20th (8 am – 12 pm/12:30 pm to 4 pm) – You will be able to make an
appointment with Annette -631-788-7227 for either Tuesday or Thursday. Please describe your
load at this time to determine if any charges should be applied. If so, they can be paid for over
the phone at the same time the appointment is made. The station will not accept any other
form of payment.

Tuesday, April 21st and Thursday April 23rd (9 am – 12 pm/12:30 pm to 4 pm) – the Compost
Station will be open to the 60 people who were able to make an appointment. You will be
admitted at the gate, one customer at a time. If you want a copy of your credit card slip, the
attendant will print a copy for you and place it under your wiper blade as you drive out. At no
time will you be able to enter the shed. The attendant at the shed will continue to receive only
calls for appointments. Please do not attempt to make additional appointments while you are at the station.

We realize this plan is a compromise and ask everyone’s cooperation as we forge ahead into unchartered waters.  We believe this strategy for the compost facility is necessary for everyone’s safety and will control the flow so that the station will not be overwhelmed when first reopening. For the immediate future we will not be accepting freon based appliances and ask all commercial operations to refrain from using the facility for at least this first week. Please be kind to one another and to our staff and please, practice social distancing at all times!

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,

FIWMD Commissioners and Staff

Compost Station

The District has received inquiries as to when the Compost Station will be opening. The District is currently taking this under consideration.
Presently, our focus is providing the essential removal of home waste and recycling. Our priority has been to ensure ample backup capacity for household dumpsters. We are being overly through the anticipated peak, which should be in the next two to three weeks. However, this is not the only consideration for whether the Compost Station will open.
Currently, as many are aware, the Transfer Station has a policy of one visitor using the different dumpsters at a time. This allows for a steady traffic flow and appropriate social distancing. The Compost Station is a larger facility which is not as easy to control the flow. While we understand the desire for disposing waste at this facility, we must consider the health of our employees and the public.
The District will monitor the situation and attempt to open the Compost Station when events allow.
Please monitor Fishnet and the District’s website for updates.
Thank you and stay safe.