Monthly Archives: March 2020

After re-evaluating circumstances on the island and following recommendations from the State, the District has decided for the safety of its employees and residents not to re-open the Compost Station at this time.

The Transfer Station will remain open for its regular weekday schedule only.

When visiting the station please follow safe distancing and let one visitor at a time use the dumpsters, whether on the upper level or the lower level. Please have your waste separated correctly before arriving and have your cardboard broken down to the correct size.

By following these simple rules, we can all work together and continue to make sure everyone stays safe.

Fishers Island Waste Management District
P.O. Box 22
Fishers Island, NY 06390
Tele 631-788-7455

Dear Fishers Islanders,

The District has been closely monitoring the ongoing events concerning the corona virus, and the mandates being put forth from government agencies. As such the District has determined that in the interest of its employees and community members the following changes will be implemented:

As of Monday, March 23rd, the Compost Station will be closed until further notice.

As of Monday, March 23rd, the Transfer Station will be only open for normal posted hours during the weekday. It will not be open for the weekends until further notice. When bringing waste to the Transfer Station, have all waste separated and cardboard cut to 2×2 pieces. This will allow for quick transfer of trash and allow for the proper social distancing.

For members of the community taking part in the Pilot Organic Composting, due to the limited staff and hours, we will be suspending the collection of organics until further notice.

These policies will be reviewed weekly and any updates will be posted on Facebook, the District’s website and

These changes are temporary and hopefully, if everyone works together, be over quickly.

Everyone please be smart and stay well.

Thank you,

Alan R. Thibodeau
Operations Manager
Fishers Island Waste Management District

Transfer and Compost Stations

Dear Fishers Islanders,

During this time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that we are taking every precaution out of respect for everyone’s well-being.  Fishers Islanders, seasonal and year-round, have been traveling. Many people commute to the island on a daily basis. Recognizing this ebb and flow of people and to ensure the safety of our customers and employees we will adhere to the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization, the CDC and our local authorities.
We are asking our staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell. We ask the same consideration from our customers. If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to either station.
We have instituted rigid cleaning protocols in all our buildings and those buildings will be closed to the public.
We will practice social distancing with our customers. At the Compost Station, the customer will not sign for any charges. The attendant will print the customer’s name on the charge slip and hand the white copy to the customer. While we will continue to accept all forms of payment, we request that the customer use credit cards.
If you need help at the Transfer Station, the attendants will remove your trash and recyclables from your car for you.
For the well-being of everyone, please consider consolidating your trips to both stations to once a week.

Alan R. Thibodeau
Operations Manager
Fishers Island Waste Management District