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November 9, 2018

Re: Proposed improvements to the Fishers Island Waste Management facilities
Dear Fellow Fishers Island Residents:
The Board of Commissioners has received a significant number of comments, critique, and suggestions regarding the facilities and operations of the District’s waste management and improvements that were designed for them.
In light of these comments, the Board has stopped any further action on the plan that was proposed, and has withdrawn an application to the Southold Town Planning Board which was reviewing the proposed consolidation and improvements to the facilities.
At this point, the Board will proceed only with those work items which have been identified as safety issues or are mandated by regulation which warrant attention, repair and correction.
The Board will be forming a committee which will include members of the Fishers Island community (including year round and seasonal residents) to review the operation and waste management facilities of the District. The committee will be asked to provide recommendations to the Board of Commissioners with respect to the existing facilities and operations to ensure that community input is included as improvements to District facilities are considered. The Board will announce publicly when the committee will be formed.
In light of the Board’s decision to regroup and reconsider the District’s plans going forward with committee and community input, the meeting that was scheduled for November 26, 2018 has been canceled.
We look forward to your suggestions and comments, and we will continue to serve the Fishers Island community as we plan for the future here on the Island. Thank you.