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July 27, 2015 Minutes

1-CALL MEETING TO ORDER- Ann Banks called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

A. Schedule a budget meeting.
B. Discuss purchase of a trailer.

3-APPROVAL OF MINUTES JUNE 22, 2015- Greg Thibodeau made a motion to approve the minutes of June 22, 2015, seconded by Rob Goodwin. Motion carried.

4-PUBLIC COMMENTS – There were no public comments.

5-MANAGER UPDATES – Wayne Doucette reported that the skid steer has been moved to the cap so that when the DEC arrives next week the landfill will be mowed. Transfer station and compost facility are busy. There has been a significant increase in activity at the transfer station, with two hauls per week for the garbage dumpster, and every 3 days for the bottles and cans on average. There have been hauls almost every weekday this summer. Wayne also stated that there is wasted space in the dumpsters being filled with plastic planters that could be crushed if they were taken to the compost facility instead. Wayne also reported that the backhoe hydraulic valves are leaking. He has made arrangements for a rental backhoe to come over on August 4th so he can have Devine make necessary repairs. Rental is $3,200 per month, but hopefully it won’t take a whole month to fix. The backhoe is an emergency necessity to move the dumpsters. Wayne also reported that he and Greg have been working with Dave Brown of Anchor Engineering Services of Glastonbury, Ct. who is completing plans for the new combined Waste Management facility. He provided the commissioners with drawings of the final layout of the new facility. There will be 4 compactors. Bottles and cans that aren’t being recovered will be crushed rather than being sent off island. All grinding with the exception of brush will take place inside the mixing building. Wayne has received tentative estimates for combining the two stations, and also for retrofitting the current transfer station to bring it up to code. The cost of the new combined facility is estimated at $4.8 million. It would be well over $5 million to refurbish the current transfer station to bring it up to code. In approximately 2 weeks the plans will be finalized and Dave Brown and engineers will be able to meet with the commissioners. The tentative plan is attached. There will be public information presented on the website at that time. Greg mentioned that he would also bring over a representative from the composting company to answer questions.
The commissioners also discussed the possibility of turning over to the Museum the unused portion of the property where the last two original army bunkers are located. The commissioners hope to hold a public information meeting to present the project plans for the new facility over the Columbus Day weekend. Wayne presented bids from Harold’s and BD for some repairs to the existing building at the transfer station. The bids are attached. Greg Thibodeau made a motion to accept the bid from Harold’s to make necessary repairs in the amount of $2,349.00, seconded by Tim Patterson. Motion carried.

6-FINANCIAL REVIEW- The Commissioners reviewed the financial reports. Greg Thibodeau made a motion to pay the payables in the amount of $45,091.82, seconded by Tim Patterson.
Motion carried.
Sarah Malinowski made a motion to transfer $12,000 from Morgan Stanley into the Citizen’s checking account, seconded by Rob Goodwin. Motion carried. Beth mentioned that Christopher Reino, CPA of the accounting firm of Cullen & Danowski will be coming to the Island some time in September to review the audit with the Commissioners.

8-CORRESPONDENCE- there was no correspondence.
A. ALARM SYSTEM – Rob Goodwin has done some research on Alarm systems, and has found one for $600 that connects to the Internet and seems interesting. It is wireless and can dial any number entered.
B. ANN TO DISCUSS ORGANIZING A PUBLIC MEETING REGARDING FACILITY UPGRADES- The Commissioners plan to hold a public meeting on Columbus Day weekend.

10-NEW BUSINESS- The State will start an audit on Wednesday, August 5th. The Commissioners decided to hold the Budget Meeting on Monday, August 10th at 5:15 p.m. The Commissioners also discussed the necessity of purchasing a trailer for the purpose of moving the skid steer and various equipment.
Tim Patterson made a motion to purchase a trailer at a cost not to exceed $7,000, seconded by Greg Thibodeau. Motion carried.

11-ADJOURN FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION- There was no Executive Session.

12-ADJOURN- Tim Patterson made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Greg Thibodeau. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Leslie Tombari


FIWMD thanks The Sanger Fund, Toppers and Fishers Island Conservancy for their donations to make 2015 Beach Cleanup a little different than years past.
Their donations allowed us to provide hamburgers and hotdogs, ice cream certificates and water bottles.
Stay tuned for pictures and details of the event.
Thank you to every single one of you that participated in one way or another.