Minutes April 27, 2015

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015 @ 5:15 PM

Ann Banks, Chair
Sarah Malinowski, Secretary
Rob Goodwin, Treasurer
Greg Thibodeau
Tim Patterson

1-CALL MEETING TO ORDER- Ann Banks called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.
Greg Thibodeau was absent.

2-ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA- There were no additions to the Agenda.

3-APPROVAL OF MINUTES MARCH 23, 2015- Sarah Malinowski made a motion to Approve the Minutes of the March 23, 2015 meeting with corrections as noted, seconded by Rob Goodwin.
Motion carried.

Tim Patterson made a motion to accept the Lease Agreement with the FI Ferry District as amended, seconded by Rob Goodwin.
Motion carried.

5-MANAGER UPDATES – Wayne Doucette reported that it has been an active month. The compost is very popular and it is difficult to keep up with the demand. Residents are allowed to have 2 yards for free. Wayne reported that next week they would also begin making mulch. The pile is still partially frozen. The cost of the compost is $50 yard after the first free 2 yards , and the mulch is $30 yard after the 2 free yards. Wayne reported that there were two dumpster failures and one of the dumpsters is over town for repairs. He also reported that while making compost a piston was sheared on the backhoe. A replacement part is on order and being shipped from Iowa. Fortunately, he will be able to make the repair himself once the part arrives. Wayne asked the Commissioners to consider the purchase of a Timberline Hitch 16” Rotating Sheer that would be able to cut up large tree stumps. This model pivots horizontally or vertically and attaches on the front of the Skid Steer. The cost is $7,495. Wayne mentioned that there are probably over 300 tree stumps presently at the Compost Station. A conventional log splitter could not handle these large stumps. With this tool, the bigger tree stumps could be ground up and would not have to be taken off Island. The Commissioners decided to discuss this item again at their next meeting. The money would come out of the Equipment Budget. The quote is attached.
The Commissioners also discussed the option of buying an epi-pen for the Transfer Station due to the number of bees there during the summer months. It would be necessary to have both an adult and a child epi-pen. The cost is $750 each, and they are only good for one year.
The operators would also need to be certified to administer the epi-pen. The Commissioners decided not to pursue the purchase of epi-pens due to the expense.

6-BOARD UPDATE ON STRATEGIC PLANS (SEE BACK PAGE)- Sarah Malinowski presented the Commissioners with a draft of a public statement explaining the rationale for combining the two stations. The Commissioners discussed the wording of the document and will revisit this topic once they have an estimate from Dave Brown on the cost of the project. Greg Thibodeau and Wayne Doucette will continue working on the public statement. Ann Banks also mentioned that it would be a positive public relations strategy to post FIWMD monthly statistics and information on the Fishers Island website.

7-FINANCIAL REVIEW- The Commissioners reviewed the financial reports. Rob Goodwin reported that payroll expenses are higher than budgeted for since there have been pay increases and additions to the staff. The new budget will reflect the necessary change.
made a motion to transfer $70,000 from Morgan Stanley to Citizen’s account to pay the payables, seconded by Rob Goodwin. Motion carried.

A.TESTIMONIAL REQUEST FROM JANE ZIRLIS – The Commissioners made corrections in the wording of the testimonial for Jane Zirlis. Sarah Malinowski will send the statement to Jane Zirlis.

A. BETH TRAINING/BROLIN- Beth is requesting the Commissioners to approve hiring Dawn Brolin to help set up fund balance and appropriations in Quick Books at the rate of $125. per hour. Beth estimates it will only be for a few hours.
Tim Patterson made a motion to hire Dawn Brolin, seconded by Sarah Malinowski. Motion carried.
B. SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) MAY 3-6- Wayne, Greg and Beth will attend the Convention from May 3-6.

10-ADJOURN FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION- There was no Executive Session.

11-ADJOURN- Tim Patterson made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sarah
Malinowski. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Leslie Tombari

Fishers Island Waste Management District
2-5 Year Strategic Plan
Adopted May 22, 2014

1. Develop a business model which reduces the amount of waste materials brought to the Island and reduces the amount of waste materials that leaves from the Island. (Greg)
2. Combine stations; be recognized as being on the cutting edge of Waste Management technology. (Greg)
3. Be a best practices manager. (Sarah)
4. Collaborate with customers/contractors were our interests are mutual. (Ann)
5. Market the Commission to attract new Commissioners: positive public meetings; It is not a means to an end; it is the means to the future! (Ann)