Monthly Archives: March 2014

WELCOME Wayne Doucette !





FIWMD is really excited about our new hire. Wayne Doucette has been hired to fill our Plant and Personnel Manager position. He started working with us at the end of February. We are all familiar with Wayne from the Utility Company, he’s been there for 25 years! His management skills, his lifelong familiarity with the workings of our island and his optimism for the future are only a few of his attributes we are looking forward to utilizing.

We have a lot of improvement ideas for our facilities and are looking forward to having Wayne part of our team to help us move into the 21st Century.

Our vision is to reduce the amount of material brought to the island through education and reduce the amount of waste leaving the island through re-use and recycling. We believe in participating and cooperating in ensuring that we protect, preserve and improve our environment and the quality of life on our Island.

Over the years we’ve been doing a great deal of research with the intent of fulfilling our visions for FIWMD and are excited to implement some of our new ideas.

Did you know we could dramatically reduce our Municipal Solid Waste by simply composting it and using it to energize our facilities?

Did you know with the right equipment we could be composting 99% of the wood we collect from contractors into compost? We could chip non-compostable wood so that our wood hauls would be reduced to close to nothing.

Keep checking the Fog Horn for more updates. We are updating our website so that you can be kept in loop at We also have public monthly meetings on the last Monday of each month unless otherwise posted.

When you see Wayne, welcome him to our team!